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Mad Rocket is a strategy game where you have to create the best attacks possible in order to destroy your rivals. Build your own city and create an army from the ground up in order to advance in the conquest of enemy bases in a mode that's as fun as it is intriguing.

The gameplay in Mad Rocket is very simple; you just have to destroy the rival base to win the game. To do that, you'll have to deploy troops on the map to destroy all your enemy's defenses. The difficulty of the game lies in the fact that the map is completely dark, so you have to situate your troops in the best position possible to destroy your opponent's buildings. At times, you'll be able to see enemy turrets, set up where you least expect them, and the only way to get past them is by using more force. Each one of your troops has a certain amount of regeneration time.
So you can put all the characters you want into play, as long as you have energy to use them. You'll have to play your cards and times right if you want to conquer the enemy base.

As you win games, you'll collect resources that will let you improve your units and make them more lethal, in order to get even further in your conquest of the universe. Enter into the fog with your best soldiers and enjoy thrilling rounds in Mad Rocket.
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